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Awards and Honours
1. Sir C V Raman Award by the Acoustical Society of India in 2000 for the best paper (Acoustics of laughter) published in JASI.
2. Ananthi, T., & Savithri, S. R. (2005). Best paper award for Intonation groups and sentence final contours in persons with stuttering.
3. Visiting Fellow under UGC-ASHISS to CAS in Linguistics, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu and delivered lectures on Acoustics Phonetics on 6-11 February 2006.
4. Dr. N. Rathna Oration Award by the Indian speech and Hearing Association at the 41st ISHACON held in Pune from 22-25 January 2009.
5. Prof. Rais Ahmed Memorial Award by the Acoustical Society of India at the National Symposium of Acoustics held at Jhansi on 17.11.2011.
6. Srividya, M. S., & Savithri, S. R. (2011). Formant Vectors of Long Vowels in Speaker Identification FIRST prize in oral presentation category in Mumbai forensic science conference.
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