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Masterís Dissertation
S.N  Author (s) Title Year
01 Mohan Murthy, G Some Acoustic, Aerodynamic and Laryngeal Correlates of Stuttering: Pre-Post therapy Comparison 1988
02 Revathi, K.R Temporal Acoustic Measures in the Speech of Stutterers and Normally Non-Fluent Children 1989
03 Rohini, H Deep Test of Articulation in Kannada Sentence form 1989
04 Usha Rani, P.N Temporal Perceptual Cues of Velar and Bilabial Stop Consonants 1989
05 Indu, V Some Aspects of Fluency in Children (4-5 Years) 1990
06 Maya, S Articulation Test Battery in Malayalam 1990
07 Nagapoornima, M Disfluencies in Children (3-4 Years) 1990
08 Vinay Rakesh Cross-Language Study of Velar and Bilabial Stop Perception 1990
09 Yamini, B.K Disfluencies in Children (5-6 Years) 1990
10 Animesh Barman Deep Test of Articulation in Bengali Picture form 1991
11 Aravind Kumar Sharma Disfluencies in HIndi Speaking Children (6-7 Years) 1991
12 Mithilesh Kumar Programmed Therapy Technique for Stutterers 1991
13 Mohan Natarajan Synthetic Test of Intonation Patterns 1991
14 Rajendra Swamy Some Aspects of Fluency in Children 6-7 Years 1991
15 Raju Pratap Production of Word Stress in Children 3 to 4 Years 1991
16 Jaya, P Stress: Development in Tamil Speaking Children (2-8 Years) 1992
17 Raghunath, M Articulatory Dynamics of Stutterers 1992
18 Sathya, Krishnamurty Closure Duration As a Cue to Stop Consonant Voicing : A Developmental Study in 3-6 Year Old Kannada Speaking Children 1992
19 Shanthi, N Aspiration: How Is It Perceived? 1992
20 Sowmya, Srinivasan Differential Diagnosis Between Normal Non Fluency and Stuttering 1992
21 Bhuvaneshwari, C.S Development of Perception of Co-Articulation 1993
22 Ganesh Perumal, P.G Development of Production of Co-Articulation in Children 1993
23 Jayanthi Ray Synthetic Test of Rhythm 1993
24 Nirmal Kumar, S Trading Relation Between Spectral and Temporal Cues for the Perception of Stop Consonant in Kannada 1993
25 Rajkumar, T Trading Relationship Between Burst and Transition in Kannada Stop Consonants 1993
26 Sarumathi, K Production of Stress in Hearing Impaired Children 1993
27 Deepa Bhat Language and Speech Motor interference in Stuttering Children 1994
28 Nanda Kumar, V Interaction of Simultaneous Language Processing and Speech Motor Act in Young Stutterers 1994
29 Sneha, Vasanthkumar Phonological Processes in Young Stutterers 1994
30 Bhavani Pradhan Deep Test of Articulation in Nepali Picture form 1995
31 Jyothi, Murthy Voice onset Time As a Perceptual Cue to Voicing Contrast 1995
32 Ritu Sharma Interaction of Simultaneous Language Processing and Speech Motor Act in Adult Stutterers 1995
33 Sabitha, C.N Cross-Model Perception of Auditory and Orthographic Mode 1995
34 Sangeetha, K Deep Test of Articulation in Tamil Picture form 1995
35 Sarika Misra Cross Modal Perception of Speech Reading and Auditory Mode 1995
36 Himanshu Khanna Cross-Language Differences in Vowel Perception 1996
37 Anu Subramanian Naturalness Rating of Stutterers Speech 1997
38 Aravind Kumar N Comparative Study of Speech Motor Programming in Stutterers and Non-Stutterers 1997
39 Jayanthi, S Laterality in Stutterers 1997
40 Madhavi Latha Prosodic Features of the Post-therapy Speech of Stutterers 1997
41 Sanjeev Kanchan Multidimensional Speech Naturalness 1997
42 Sreedivya Krishnana Cross Language Perception of Stops in Tamil and Malayalam 1997
43 Deepa Shankar Deep Test of Articulation in HIndi- Picture form 1998
44 Radhika, A Voicing Perception in Patients With Cerebellar Pathologies 1999
45 Prakash, B Acoustic Measures in the Speech of Children With Stuttering and Normal Non Fluency Ė A Key to Differential Diagnosis 2000
46 Sarah Jacob Perception F Linguistic Stress in Brain Damaged 2000
47 Uma Rajan Disfluencies in Malayalam Speaking Children 2000
48 Vasanthi, A Some Acoustic Aspects and Speech of Cleft Palate 2000
49 Anshula, S.O Perception of Rhythm in Music 2001
50 Prachi, P.P Synthetic Abilities of Children with Stuttering 2001
51 Sangeetha, M Fundamental Frequency Transformation in the Speech of the Hearing, Impaired 2001
52 VijayaKumar, G Speech Motor Planning in Adults 2001
53 Neha Rawat Acoustic Features for Speech Synthesis 2002
54 Pamela, S Reliability of Voice Prints 2002
55 Ananthi, T Words Stress: Pre and Post Therapy analysis in Persons with Stuttering 2003
56 Jessy, G Cross-Language Study of Consonant Perception 2003
57 Mili C. Samuel Labial CD Articulation in Malayalam 2003
58 Ranganathan, M Speaker Identification in Disguised Speech 2003
59 Anjana, B Ram Genetics in Stuttering 2004
60 Deepa, D Voice and Speech Characteristics in Radio Jockeys 2004
61 Gauri, D.T Perception of Musical Rhythm in Stutterers 2004
62 Pushpavathi, M Interaction of Speech Motor and Language Processes in Stuttering Children 2004
63 Swapna, N Fine Grained Auditory Discrimination in Normal Children and Children with Learning Disability 2004
64 Deepa, D Acoustics of Whispered Stops 2006
65 Maharani, S Perception of Tamil Laterals and Trills By Native and Non-Native Speakers 2006
66 Powlin, A.C Awareness and Attitude Towards Stuttering Among Normal School Going Children 2006
67 Rohini, H Perception of Stress In Patients With Cerebro-Vascular Accident 2006
68 Santosh, M Some Perceptual and Acoustical Correlates of Stuttering : A Pre-Post Therapy Comparison 2006
69 Anjali, G Perception of Voicing Contrast and Aspiration in Word-initial Stops : A Cross Language Study 2007
70 Rohini Chand Perceptions of Mizo and Manipuri Tones by Native and Non Native Speakers 2007
71 Supraja, A Vocal Exercises and Vocal Health in Carnatic and Hindustani Singers Ė A Survey 2007
72 Ananthi, T Some Prosodic Correlates of Stuttering: A Pre-Post Therapy Comparison 2007
73 Karthikeyan, B.M Minimum Length of Utterance Used for Speaker Identification Under Hoarse Voice Disguise Condition 2008
74 Neha Maheshwari Minimum Length of Utterance Used for Speaker Identification in High Pitch Disguise Condition 2008
75 Selvi, T Vocal Fold Behaviour in Carnatic Singers 2008
76 Powlin Arockia Catherine, S Effect of Temporal and Spectral Variations on Phoneme Identification Skills in Late Talking Children 2009
77 Aparna, V.S Benchmark for Speaker Identification Using Glottal Source Parameters in Hindi Speakers 2010
78 Deepa, A Restandardization of Kannada Articulation Test 2010
79 Jyothi, S Benchmark for Speaker Identification Using long term Average Spectrum in Kannada Speaking Individuals 2010
80 Ranjini, M Effect of Training on the voice of Carnatic Classical Singers 2010
81 Shwetha, C Vocal Load in Undergraduate Students of Speech Language Pathology 2010
82 Medha Sharma Benchmarking for speaker identification by Cepstrum measurement using Text -independent data 2010
83 Lakshmi Prasanna, P Benchmark for Nasal Continuants in Telugu for Speaker Identification 2011
84 Ramya, R Effect of Post Vocalic Consonants on Vowel Duration in Malayalam 2011
85 Sangeetha, G Effect of Consonants on Vowel Duration in Tamil 2011
86 Rueben Thomas Acoustics of laughter in persons with and without hearing impairment 2012
87 Deepti Damodaran Influence of native Malayalam language (Li) on English (L2) vowel production 2012
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