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S.N Name of the Candidate Title Status (year)
1) Dr. Satya Ranna Development of auditory perceptual processing in children Awarded (1996)
2) Dr. N. Swapna Fine grained auditory discrimination in children with learning disabilities Awarded (2005)
3) Dr. M. Pushpavathi Language and speech motor interference in young stutterers Awarded (2005)
4) Dr. H. Rohini Prosodic perception in the brain damaged Awarded (2007)
5) Dr. M. Santhosh Some perceptual and acoustic correlates of stuttering: Pre-post therapy comparison Awarded (2007)
6) Dr. A Rathinavelu
Computer aided articulation model Awarded (2007)
7) Dr. T. Ananthi Prosodic correlates of stuttering: Pre-post comparison Awarded (2009)
8) Dr. Powline Arockia Catherine Phoneme identification skills in typically developing children Awarded (2011)
9) Mr. T. Jayakumar Voice characteristics in monozygotic twin Submitted
10) Ms. Anjana B Ram Disfluencies in 3 to 6 year old Kannada speaking children Ongoing
11) Mr. B. Rajasudhakar Vocal dose in primary school teachers Ongoing
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